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Briarbush Boxers is a select kennel based in the beautiful, small rural town of Canterbury, New Hampshire. My love for the Boxer breed, began in 1990 when I purchased my first boxer, Zoe. Rescue, training, showing and breeding boxers has been a passion for most of my adult life.

Behind Briarbush Boxers, LLC. is my first boxer Zoe aka doe-doe. I purchased her when I was young, just 17 years old. She was my first true love and my best friend for many years. I fell in love with her honest eyes at a pet shop in 1990.

In my mind I rescued her. Because of her, I will never have any other kind of dog. And because of her I have a desire to produce boxers of sound mind, body and soull, whether for the show ring or as pets. Our breeding aim is to consistently produce show quality Boxer puppies with the genetics and temperament to be trustworthy family companions (by that I mean living with children).

Our breeding program is endorsed by Lakeside Animal Hospital in Tilton, NH - Dr. Jennifer L. Beaulieu, DVM.

After viewing this site, I hope you will have an understanding of the type of Boxers that we have here at Briarbush -- dogs of superior quality....dogs that possess vibrant good health, correction structure, above-average longevity and proper, stable temperaments. If you have any questions or would like more information about purchasing one of our Boxer puppies please feel free to call or email.

We hope you enjoy your visit!

Bethany and Melissa